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We’re on a mission to transform academic speech and debate into a global, online intellectual sport by making it available to all students – in and beyond the classroom.

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This fall Debaterly will present

“Proxy Presidential Debates”

A groundbreaking series of Presidential Debates, where student debaters from across the country will champion both conservative and liberal positions with greater finesse and decency than the candidates themselves.

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The Streaming Stage for iSports*

*Intellectual Sports


Performance tracking collects robust data to measure debater progress, provide coaching content, and deliver achievement awards recognizing personal improvement.

Cash Scholarship Prizes

Debaterly tournaments will reward intellectual prowess with scholarship prizes to fund student education.


Streaming technology engages audiences to cheer and vote alongside professional judges, providing audience persuasion statistics.


Persuasion scoring reveals how Intellectual Influencers stack up against their peers from around the world, with tools for sharing viral moments to deliver the fame factor.


Audiences of families, schoolmates, and friends can directly donate in real-time to support their favorite teams.

A Value Ecosystem


An innovative competition platform for individual and institutional users, designed for maximum student reward and audience engagement.


Partnering with schools in underserved communities to democratize access to online competitions that build critical thinking and communications skills.

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Tournament Providers

Beyond debate, established intellectual competition providers can now expand their reach by hosting events on the Debaterly platform.

Sponsorship Opportunities

An exceptional opportunity for businesses and educational institutions to reach Intellectual Influencers – today’s students & tomorrow’s leaders – as well as their families and followers.

Who We Are

Passionate advocates of debate as the path to future success for students and communities around the world. We believe it is crucial to elevate respect for those who exercise their brains, and will do so by making iSports as rewarding and accolade worthy as playing a varsity sport or excelling in video games.

  • Max Albert and Ben Carson

    • Career educators who developed public speaking and debate curriculum for Harvard and Purdue University.
    • Coached three student teams to win national championships.
    • Passionate about debate and its ability to transform lives . . . and civil discourse.

  • Ted Pulton

    • Career Fortune 200 marketing strategist and business consultant who launched E*Trade and WebMD.
Max Albert

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Carson

Chief Operating Officer

Ted Pulton

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer

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